Introduction to Tai Chi


Tai Chi Tao Yin Fa

Tai chi in the woods on Saturdays 13.00-15.00

Grey field woods, High littleton ( see the photo mapm below on how to get there

Tai chi on Tuesdays 

Evening  6 week course 19.00-21.00

Southdown Methodist Church

The Hollow


 Woodland Tai Chi.
Greyfield Woods, High Littleton.

directions to Greyfield woods

Tai Chi Tao Yin Fa

based on the Acupuncture Meridians of the body.

Categorised into the Five Elements
Includes Do In massage, Qi Gong practice and Mindfulness Meditation.


A series of gentle movements which balance the energy flow within the meridian pathways.
 Harmonizes the energy within the internal organs and within the body
Calms the mind.
Increases energy vitality.
Reduces tension and stress.


Tai chi description

How does Tai Chi work?

      There is an underlying assumption of Chinese philosophy which states that the forces which govern the cycles of change  occurring in the external world are duplicated within the our human bodies and mind.

Patterns in nature are recapitulated  at every level of organisation, from the rotation of the planets to the behaviour of our internal organs. These oriental ideas conform  to what some modern thinkers call the “holographic paradigm”, the organisation of the whole (nature) is reflected by each and every part,( plants, animals, human beings). [you can cut a hologram up into little pieces and each piece can be used to recreate the original.]


The Five Elements in Acupuncture.

The five principle qualities of movement, transformation and change are not only reflected within nature, but also microcosmically in the human body.

The five elements and their correspondences colour, sound, emotion, odour are used as part of a skilful diagnosis to observe which element within a person is showing signs of imbalance, this helps to establish the root cause of illness.

Five-Element acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine which sees that every human being has one cause of disease that is original and unique to each person. When the causative factor is addressed, disease is resolved and symptoms indicating imbalance recede naturally.

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

The elements are fundamental to all of life. Harmoniously they manifest within us in health and wellbeing.

The Five Elements also called the five phases, represent a unique and complex system of thought in Chinese philosophy and medicine. All things are seen as manifestations of the infinite and eternal Tao which in turn manifests in our reality through the combination and relationship between the Five Elements.
The root of life is seen as the opposing and complementary forces of the universal yin and yang, dark and light which transform into the five elements or transformative movements of energy. The five elements define the natural cycles of seasonal change in nature which regulate life. The Five Elements are the basic building blocks of all life as we know it on planet earth and the universe.