Why would ever want to do mindfulness?

The mindfulness mountain

What is the point of doing mindfulness?

Some people are saying that it is amazing, some are saying that you can lose your mind and become quite mad.
Is it a cult, a fad, a diversion, one more thing to check out after the yoga, before the gong bath or with the Zumba fittness class? 
Is your life full of so many ideas, so much to do, endless lists of wants, musts, shoulds and only ifs? 

Who can you believe?  who can you trust? is it just one more thing?

Read the articles on line, flick through the health page, check out the testimonials....but are they for real?
who can you ask? where can you go?

Maybe best just forget it and stick with the avacado's , spinning class and extra blueberries.

Some one said 'Mindfulness is all about being aware and present in the moment non-judgmentally.' 

and err    what exactly does that mean? Do I have to become  like a zombie, some kind of weirdo dim witted, no fun, never go out, loser, standing in a field starring at the grass and flowers?

so what is it?

Maybe, mindfulness is about appreciating everything you have in this very moment now, not what you had or what you are going to get, but what is here in front of you inside of you now.

you see, if you appreciate what you have now, you stop your mind being disappointed that it doesn’t have what you want in the future.
by not being disappointed now, you become happy with what you have.
with this happiness you relax and smile and begin to notice what is happening around you and within you now.


Mindfulness  is not an idea. You can not think about mindfulness and expect to become mindful.


Mindfulness can not be learnt by reading a book or colouring in a picture or going to a talk.


You can't buy mindfulness in Tesco's or John Lewis or on ebay 

Mindfulness is a skill, a mental skill of the brain, similar to acquiring a language or mastering a musical instrument.

Mindfulness is noticing that your life is not just a thought, a want , a memory or an emotion, no your life is more than all those put together and it is happening to you right now.

We all have the ability to be mindful, in fact we all started our lives on planet earth with 100% mindfulness, and then slowly we shifted away from being mindful and we learnt to become clever, sharp and calculated. Judging our every move, our every thought, against right and wrong, good and bad, like and dislike, pleasure and pain until our  journey was just to survive, never mind being happy and loved.

Because if you learn to be mindful you can become happier and calmer and healthier..... stress is an idea out of control.... stress in the mind creates illness in the body......stress is how we live our lives in today’s society.


Mindfulness pulls the plug on stress.